EUVALWEB Legal Observatory builds directly on the experience of the ‘EUWEB Legal Observatory’, which is linked to the activities of the 2019-2022 Jean Monnet module ‘EU-Western Balkans Cooperation Justice and Home Affairs’ (EUWEB).

The Observatory’s current configuration broadens its research area, adapting to the needs of the Jean Monnet Chair “Promoting Public Awareness on Enlargement Policy, EU Values and Western Balkans’ Accession” (EUVALWEB).

The Observatory intends to enhance multidisciplinary competences, creating new knowledge synergies, favouring the interaction with the labour market, institutions and civil society in order to establish smart local networks at the service of the territory.

The Observatory’s mission consists of the following points:

To build a network of collaboration between academics and national and international experts on the subject;

To identify evolving trends in the field of EU cooperation on JHA;

Share and promote educational, training and scientific research activities, including interdisciplinary ones;

Promote collaborative activities with public and private authority, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and representatives of civil society;

Raise awareness of national, international and European policies to ensure security and respect for the rule of law, democracy and human rights at national and international level.