Department of Legal Sciences (School of Law) | UNIVERSITY OF SALERNO

The University of Salerno offers research and educational programmes, developing links with the surrounding area. It is one of the largest universities in Southern Italy with approximately 40.000 students and 17 Departments, as well as one of the oldest in Europe together with Paris and Bologna. The campus comprises modern buildings with multimedia facilities, two big libraries, and green spaces, offering resourceful services for teaching, research, and student life in general. It is equipped with canteens and cafeterias, student housing, a medical facility, police station, post office and bank, theatre and radio, swimming pool and other sporting facilities.

The Department of Legal Sciences (School of Law) is distinguished for conducting activities in relation to EU studies.

A high level of competence is ensured by:

– The Ph.D. course on “The European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice and judicial cooperation in criminal matters”, an autonomous division of the Legal Sciences Ph.D. (International, European, and Comparative Law curriculum)

– The School of Specialization for Legal Professions for future lawyers, judges, and notaries

–The organization of several international cultural initiatives with the participation of professors, judges, and legal practitioners with great expertise in EU and International Law

Furthermore, the Departments of Legal Science has key academic staff with qualifications in the field of EU Law, International Law, International Organization, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law and Constitutional Law.