On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and as part of the initiative promoted by the Observatory on the European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, some members of the EUVALWEB Legal Observatory took part in the seminar “Being a Woman in Tehran. Interdisciplinary legal perspectives in dialogue with students.”

The topic falls within the fields of investigation of the EUVALWEB Legal Observatory both in the area of promotion and protection of human rights and with reference to issues of socio-economic integration in EU member states.

The speech of the Chair Holder, Prof. Teresa Russo (“The use of the Islamic headscarf and discrimination in the workplace: the risks of the policy of so-called neutrality“) focused on discrimination in the workplace and the difficult balance in the protection of rights, as reflected in the case law of the Court of Justice.


We are extremely happy with the outcome of the seminar “EU Law & Democratic Participation: An Academic Outlook” on 21 November 2022, which was held by EUVALWEB Chair Holder Prof. Teresa Russo as well as Prof. Mario Panebianco!

In thanking ELSA Salerno once again for the initiative and organisation of the event, it was an opportunity to explain to first-year law students the democratic participation in the EU legal order.

Pictures of the seminar day are available at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.628080802441806&type=3

Furthermore, Prof. Teresa Russo explained how to write a scientific essay. All participating students were, in fact, invited to submit a short paper on the topic of democratic participation at national and European level. The best article will be published in the online legal information Journal “Altalex” as OER.

This is part of the training activities of both the EUVALWEB Chair and Legal Observatory.


Convened by ELSA Salerno, the seminar “EU Law & Democratic Participation: An Academic Outlook” aims to provide attending students with insights into the state of democracy as implemented in EU and national law.

This vocational guidance and advanced training event will see the participation of the EUVALWEB Chair Holder, Professor Teresa Russo, for the area of EU Law; as well as Professor Mario Panebianco, who will focus on Constitutional Law, thus supporting the multidisciplinary approach that has always characterised the EUWEB JM Module over the years and, now, EUVALWEB JM Chair.

See you on 21 November 2022, h. 12:30 p.m. at the University of Salerno, Department of Legal Sciences, Hall 2!

Higher resolution flyer: https://euvalweb.euweb.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Locandina-Seminario_EUVALWEB_21.11.2022.pdf


We are more than delighted to introduce to you the Jean Monnet Chair “Promoting public awareness of enlargement policy, EU values and the accession of the Western Balkans” (EUVALWEB)!

Proud of what has been achieved in the past years, we thought that the Chair would take over the activities and research of the Jean Monnet Module EUWEB, while expanding the topics covered and always ensuring a multidisciplinary approach.

In fact, the Chair focuses on the evolution of the EU enlargement policy and its implications in the construction of the EU identity based on its founding values, as well as on the EU strategy towards the Western Balkans, particularly in the field of cooperation on Justice and Home Affairs (JHA).

EUVALWEB activities will be organised in a main course on Enlargement Policy, EU values and Integration of the Western Balkans; a law clinic on EU Cooperation on Justice and Home Affairs and a cycle of two international conferences.

Be sure to take note, you don’t want to miss them!
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