We are extremely happy with the outcome of the seminar “EU Law & Democratic Participation: An Academic Outlook” on 21 November 2022, which was held by EUVALWEB Chair Holder Prof. Teresa Russo as well as Prof. Mario Panebianco!

In thanking ELSA Salerno once again for the initiative and organisation of the event, it was an opportunity to explain to first-year law students the democratic participation in the EU legal order.

Pictures of the seminar day are available at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.628080802441806&type=3

Furthermore, Prof. Teresa Russo explained how to write a scientific essay. All participating students were, in fact, invited to submit a short paper on the topic of democratic participation at national and European level. The best article will be published in the online legal information Journal “Altalex” as OER.

This is part of the training activities of both the EUVALWEB Chair and Legal Observatory.