Following the signing of a scientific agreement with the Institute for Criminological and Sociological Research of Belgrade, we are pleased to welcome the Serbian institution as a partner.

EUVALWEB is pleased to announce that the Institute for Criminological and Sociological Research in Belgrade will be joining its activities, hosting the first conclusive conference of the second edition of the Chair on “Promoting Public Awareness on the Fight Against Transnational Crimes, the Role of Police and Judicial Cooperation and Respect for Fundamental Rights in the Prospect of the EU Enlargement”.

Since its inception in 1960, the Institute has developed expertise in the study and research of crime phenomenology and prevention, including transnational crime.

Prof. Teresa Russo, the holder of the EUVALWEB Chair, and the entire Chair staff are excited to begin working with our new partner!

Prof. Teresa Russo, the holder of the Jean Monnet Chair EUVALWEB , taught at the 2024 Winter School “Reinforcing EU Responsible Global Leadership. Promoting EU Values for a Rules-Based Multilateral World”, as a key teacher of the Jean Monnet Chair ProsoEUlaw Abroad of the University of Pisa, on the topic of “Upholding and Promoting EU Values in Candidates Countries”.
Many thanks to Prof. Leonardo Pasquali for our successful network!

With the release of the joint special issue resulting from the scientific collaboration of the EUWEB Legal Essays. Global & International Perspectives and Studia Montenegrina, we are truly happy to present to you one of the best outcomes of the first edition of the EUVALWEB Jean Monnet Chair.

We are deeply appreciative of the scholars, experts, and professionals who contributed in such valuable manner.