Higher level strategic goals

Fill a gap

by fostering an instrument for knowledge creation, dissemination, and training concerning European Union policies and objectives for legal operators working with the Western Balkans.

Offer a unique opportunity

through training and guidance on the future of the European Union for younger students, strengthening the relationships already in place between the University of Salerno and the Epoka University of Tirana, the Albanian University of Tirana, and the University of Vlorës within the International Credit Mobility (ICM) programme.


a common cultural training course concerning the specific field of EU cooperation on JHA with the Western Balkans that is still in progress and with the active involvement of Albania and other Western Balkan stakeholders.

Give greater visibility

to this field of study at the national level thanks to cooperation with local bar associations, prefectures, police headquarters, police forces, non-profit associations, as well as at the international level thanks to the involvement of international legal experts.

Create a common platform

of intent and objective-sharing with Western Balkan legal operators to strengthen judicial cooperation and internal affairs in view of EU accession.


Professionals will update their training activities that will be recognized by their respective associations.

Students will enrich their curriculum, and thanks to drafting a final paper, acquire ECTS for integrative teaching activities. For Ph.D. candidates, course attendance will be one of the doctoral teaching activities.

Police officers will acquire knowledges and tools to strengthen cooperation with Western Balkan countries in relation to fighting and repressing crimes.