The Seminar of Prof. Teresa Russo (EUVALWEB Chair Holder), entitled “Critical Issues in the Relationship Between the Rule of Law and EU Enlargement Policy“, as part of the course of International Organization at the Department of Legal Sciences, University of Salerno, represented a starting point for the new Jean Monnet Chair in “Promoting Public Awareness on Enlargement Policy, EU Values and the Western Balkans’ Accession”.

The event was the occasion to introduce and address the Chair activities to the audience, consisting of both students and representatives also from the Balkan academic community.

Convened in cooperation with the Faculty of Law of the University of Niš (Serbia), the Seminar indeed saw other relevant personalities taking part to its final open debate, such as Prof. Dejan Vučetić, who also took charge of the introduction, as well as Prof. Marko Dimitriejvic and Prof. Miomira Kostić.