We are very pleased to announce that the activities of the Jean Monnet Chair EUVALWEB will continue on March 21, 2024, at 2.30 p.m. in Lecture Hall 1 “A.A. Dalia,” DSG UNISA, with the first lesson of the Law Clinic EU Cooperation on Justice and Home Affairs: Insights”, which will be devoted to a workshop entitledEuropean Investigation Order (EIO) and the acquisition of ‘communications’ – Analysis of Italian and European case law“.

The workshop’s goal will be to address the contentious and current issue of acquiring digital communications data in the context of an EIO. The methodology will include an examination of some recent rulings of the Italian Court of Cassation, which, in light of conflicting arrests on the subject, have resulted in a referral to the United Sections (Cass., Sez. Un., c.c. 29 February 2024, provisional information nos. 3-4/2024), as well as a comparison with case law from the Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights.

The workshop will take the form of a debate between Dr. Antonino Santoro, Preliminary Investigation Judge of the Court of Naples, Prof. Teresa Russo, holder of the Jean Monnet Chair EUVALWEB and Associate Professor of European Union Law, DSG UNISA, and Prof. Donatello Cimadomo, Associate Professor of Criminal Procedure, DSG UNISA, with Dr. Stefano Busillo and Dr. Emanuele Vannata, EUVALWEB tutors and students of the Criminal Procedure course and the Law Clinic EUVALWEB, as a simulation of the adversarial process for balancing the guarantees of the rights of defence and the investigation and prosecution of crimes.

The event is being accredited by the Salerno Bar Association Council for the recognition of two professional training credits.

Participants can register for the workshop online at www.euvalweb.org or by sending an email to info@euweb.org.