Module 2 of the EUVALWEB Chair Course was successfully concluded. The aim of the Module was to acquaint the students with the functions, objectives and stages of the European Union’s enlargement policy. In this direction, the participation of Prof. Erjon Hitaj (Lecturer of International Law, Head of Department of Law, University ‘Ismail Qemali’ of Vlöre, Member of the EUVALWEB Legal Observatory), both in the Chair Course and in the Workshop, was of paramount importance in making the students understand the problems of the Albanian State, but also its enormous efforts towards the process of adapting to the criteria of membership.

In its final lecture, students were asked to conduct a workshop in which they shared their thoughts on the EU in the first place. In addition, they were asked to test their understanding of the topics covered by comparing the enlargement processes and the effects on the different member states.

The final objective was to stimulate the proposal of questions to be presented at the closing conference at the end of May.

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