Module 5 of the EUVALWEB Chair Course was also brilliantly concluded.

Through the study of the Stabilization and Association Process and the agreements concluded between each Balkan Countries and the European Union, the communications of the European Commission on the new methodology towards the Western Balkans, the participants understood the centrality of respect for the rule of law and fundamental rights, as well as the fight against corruption and organized crime in the European Union’s Strategy towards the Western Balkans.

They also benefited from the participation of Jordan Daci, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Associate Professor of Constitutional Law and Human Rights Law, Albanian University of Tirana (Albania) who explained the distinction between the categories of fundamental rights in international and European law as part of the activities of the EUVALWEB Legal Observatory. Similarly, they met Lorenzo Salazar, Deputy Public Prosecutor at the District Court of Appeal of Naples and Member of the EUVALWEB Team Chair with whom they discussed the measures taken by the European Union, the European Council, the OECD and the United Nations to combat corruption by holding an interactive cooperative learning workshop.

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Congratulations on your outstanding achievement!