On Monday 27 November 2023, starting at 10:30 A.M., in ‘A. Catania’ Hall of the UNISA Department of Legal Sciences, the Seminar ‘The European Union and Regional Areas in the Making: Prospects and Critical Issues’ will take place.

As part of the course of International Organization, the Seminar is included in a cycle of scientific events that will unfold during late-November and early-December and that are meant to deepen the knowledge of the students of the course by stimulating their critical view on IO-related matters.

The work will be addressed by Francesco Fasolino (Director of the DSG UNISA Department) and introduced by Teresa Russo (Associate Professor of EU Law). In particular, the discussants of the day will be Piero Pennetta (Former Full Professor of International Law), Orisel Hernández Aguilar (Law Professor at the Universidad “Hermanos Saíz Montes de Oca” de Pinar del Río) and Achille Bianchi (Lawyer at the Salerno Bar). Additionally, Massimo Panebianco (Emeritus Professor of International Law) will draw some closing remarks.