We would like to bring your attention towards “The Interuniversitary Seminar on the European Union“, organized by the prestigious Jean Monnet Chair Strengthening the European Union by reinforcing its values (ReinforcEU), as part of the Specialized Seminars of the Ph.D. Program in Social and Legal Sciences of the Miguel Hernández University and funded by the European Union.

The Chair has ReinforcEU indeed convened a open call for those interested to take part to the aforementioned Seminar, targeting Ph.D students in particular. The event will take place in late-November 2023 as well as May 2024 and will cover the tematic axes of “The Values of the European Union“.

In particular, Prof. Teresa Russo, EUVALWEB Chair Holder, stands as a Member of the Scientific Committee of such scientific initiative.

For further info regarding deadlines, contacts, submissions and the object of the Seminar, please consult the following document: https://euvalweb.euweb.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=14884&action=edit&classic-editor=1