On Tuesday 21 November 2023, starting at 3.00 P.M., in Hall 5 of the UNISA Department of Legal Sciences, the Seminar ‘Some Reflections on Judicial Cooperation, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence: The Implications for Human Rights‘ will take place.

The event will be introduced by Teresa Russo (Associate Professor of EU Law) and Rossana Palladino (Associate Professor of EU Law) and will continue with the speeches of Giovanni Sciancalepore (Full Professor of Private Comparative Law), Prof. Carla Cosentino (Assistant Professor of Private Comparative Law) and Giovanni Maria Riccio (Full Professor of Private Comparative Law).

The Seminar is the result of a joint scientific initiative by the Jean Monnet Chair ‘EUVALWEB’ (Prof. Teresa Russo as Chair Holder), the Jean Monnet Module ‘EUDRAW’ (Prof. Rossana Palladino as Coordinator) and the Jean Monnet Module ‘DECDP’ (Prof. Giovanni Sciancalepore as Coordinator).