The Jean Monnet Chair EUVALWEB delegation to Serbia, present in Belgrade from 13 to 16 November 2023, thanks every institution involved for the warm reception and hospitality. Indeed, it was a fruitful and stimulating journey where the Chair conducted scientific activities, as well as a series of meetings to seal partnership agreements with historical institutes located in the Serbian capital as well as to consolidate the existing ones.

In particular, in the morning of 13 November, the delegation was guests at the Institute of Sociological and Criminological Research of Belgrade in order to seal a partnership agreement with the host institution as well as to plan further scientific initiatives in Spring 2024 in the premises of the Institute. Additionally, the Chair Holder, Prof. Teresa Russo, later held a lecture on the “International and European Cooperation in Criminal Justice” in presence of students, academics and practitioners. The Chair Holder wishes to show its utmost appreciation towards Prof. Marina Matić-Bošković, along with the other exquisite hosts, for their commendable efforts to make all of this happen! (ISCR News)

On the very same afternoon, the EUVALWEB Chair Holder, Prof. Teresa Russo, enjoyed also the opportunity to have a bilateral meeting with with the Italian Ambassador in Serbia, H.E. Dr. Luca Gori whom the Chair greatly thanks – in order to discuss about the Serbian accession to the Union and to explore any potential involvement of the Italian Embassy in the future activities of the Chair.

The next day, in the morning of 14 November, the delegation was earnestly greeted at the Institute of Comparative Law of Belgrade to exchange the precious partnership agreement already concluded. The Chair also secured the participation of the ICL to the organisation and management of the further scientific initiatives to be held in Belgrade. For their outstanding support and the warmest welcome given during these days, the Chair Holder gives a huge shout-out to Prof. Jelena Kostić as well as the representatives of the Institute! (ICL News)

In the afternoon, the University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies, which has been a partner of EUVALWEB since 2021, received the Chair’s delegation in order to define an even better framework within the partnership and also to join the other institutions in setting up the scientific initiatives of Spring 2024. EUVALWEB feels deeply grateful towards Prof. Ivana Bodrožić for the willingness to have us there! (UCIPS News)

Conclusively, in the evening of the 14 November, the Chair was present at the gala convened at the Italian Embassy where the occasion made possible to get acquainted with other stakeholders and practitioners to be involved in the Chair’s activity in the upcoming scientific initiatives.

An album of the pictures of these days is available at this LINK!