The day of 19 July was entirely dedicated to an in-depth study of European Union law. In particular, in the morning round table, UNISA DSG Professors discussed with Albanian Professors from the Department of Law of EPOKA University of Tirana the interdisciplinary aspects of EU law, exploring its traces in ancient organisational models and looking at the imminent and future perspectives resulting from the ecological, digital, and energy transition process currently taking place at international and European level.
In the debate, interesting lines of research emerged that will be further explored in the next editions of the Jean Monnet Chair EUVALWEB and within the EUVALWEB Legal Observatory.

In the afternoon, the meeting with Italian and Albanian students allowed us to hear their views on the accession of the Western Balkans in general, and Albania in particular, to the European Union. Their desire to feel European emerged strongly from their reflections, promoting one of the main goals of the Jean Monnet EUVALWEB Chair: AWARENESS!

Pictures of the day available at

Prof. Teresa Russo, as Chair Holder of the Euvalweb Jean Monnet Chair, expresses her heartfelt thanks to all the professors and students who took part, as well as her firm academic and scientific commitment to bring the peoples of the Western Balkans into the ‘mindset’ of the European Union.