Prof. Teresa Russo, as the Chair Holder of the EUVALWEB Jean Monnet Chair, expresses her warmest appreciation for the work and dissertation discussion of the two Albanian students, Andrea Kokomeci and Egla Leci.

Their dissertations, conducted within the framework of the Jean Monnet Chair EUVALWEB and the EUVALWEB Legal Observatory, concerned the adaptation of the Albanian legal system to the EU acquis. In particular, Egla Leci’s thesis dealt with “The Right to Privacy in Albania. Its compliance with the EU GDPR and Current Challenges”, while Andrea Kokomeci’s thesis dealt with “The impact of EU commercial Law on the Economic Transformation of Albania: A Legal Analysis of the Business Environment and the Establishment of Legal Entities”.

This is an important milestone that closes the course of study of the two Albanian students with top marks, after a significant 6-month training activity within the EUVALWEB Legal Observatory and the Jean Monnet Chair EUVALWEB.

Prof. Teresa Russo would like to thank the degree examination committee composed of Albanian Professors Alba Gërdeci, Eglantina Farruku, Endri Papajorgji, Gelanda Shkurtaj of EPOKA University of Tirana (Albania) and Prof. Rossana Palladino, DSG, UNISA.

A special thanks goes to Prof. Heliona Miço for her supervision and elaboration activity for the thesis of Egla Leci.

Also our thanks goes the EUVALWEB Tutors, Dr. Stefano Busillo and Emanuele Vannata for supporting the students in their research activities necessary for the writing of their thesis.

We are really happy to have contributed to the training of young Albanians and future citizens of the EU family. Many congratulations!!!